CHINA REGION LAKES ALLIANCE  "promotes a better world!"

 A Lake is the Product of its Watershed…And the People who Care for it

The CRLA provides project management, financial aid, education, courtesy boat inspection, and project labor.  Whether it is a simple project that involves riprap and buffer plantings to prevent shoreline erosion or rebuilding a camp road, CRLA can be of assistance. 

About Us

The CRLA is a non-profit organization formed in 1995, whose mission is to improve and protect the water quality of its member lakes:  China Lake, Three Mile Pond, and Webber Pond.

Our Stakeholders

  • The Maine towns of China, Vassalboro, and Windsor;
  • All properties in the watersheds;
  • The China Lake Association;
  • The Three Mile Pond Association;
  • The Webber Pond Association;
  • The Kennebec Water District;

WANTED:  Adult volunteer "Courtsey Boat Inspectors" for weekday inspections at the four boat ramps that we service.  Please contact Jim Hart if you are interested in serving to protect our lakes from invasive plants.



          Jim Hart, President   (207) 923-3358                       Dave Landry, MD, Secretary              

            Rick Hayden, Vise President                                          Daniel Dubord, Clerk

            Bob Nedeau, Treasurer

Youth Conservation Corps 

The YCC is the work force of the CRLA and is made up of area high school and college students.  They are the folks that you see doing the erosion control work on landowners property during the summer months.  Keep in mind that next summer you can request help from this group to make your property LakeSmart.

They also conduct the courtesy boat inspections (CBI) at the various boat launch areas, during the summer, to help avert an invasive plant infestation.  Did you know that our lakes are surrounded by lakes with invasive plant infestations?             Please inquire as to how you can help in this all important effort, and also become a Certified Invasive Plant Patrol Monitor. 

Kennebec County Soil and Water Conservation District

The KCSWCD collaborates with the CRLA to provide technical service and design requirements for medium and large scale water quality improvement projects.  This allows the CRLA directors to focus on organizational needs and water quality strategies.

Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from stakeholders and volunteers, new and old.

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